Exit Survey
To support the development of the new City Employment and Skills Plan for Brighton and Hove, we are accepting responses to our initial consultation on the current employment and skills system and gathering ideas for the future through to 17th December 2015.  If you are interested in feeding back your views, then please use this survey and respond to the questions and issues you feel best able to.  You do not have to leave your name and contact details, but this will be helpful so we can come back to you early in the new year to share our findings and present options for what the plan should focus on.   We are focusing our consultation on three themes:

Ensuring no one is left behind - How we support people who are excluded from the labour market or those that are in low paid, unsustainable employment.

Ensuring effective transitions from learning to earning - How we can support young people to make good career decisions, move into appropriate courses such as Apprenticeships and ensure that we are creating good links between what employers need and what young people can offer.

Harnessing opportunities from economic growth to support home grown talent - ensuring that our employment and skills offer enables us to help our residents benefit from employment and careers in the growth sectors.

If you have any ideas or examples of projects, schemes or approaches that might help our thinking then please them on and if you have any questions then please feel free to contact the consultation team (Rocket Science) on 020 7 253 6289 or email caroline.masundire@rocketsciencelab.co.uk.

Thank you